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Councils for traders
Councils 1. Accept a possibility of loss of the means as the inevitable fact. Each beginning trader has to understand that from losses in the foreign exchange market nobody is insured. The basic rule in trade in currency consists in that the profit was much more losses. 2. To take part in the auction only with accurately certain plan. Starting the auction, it is necessary to define what quantity of own money you are ready to risk and on what profit you count. It will be your ratio of risk and profitability. Successful traders never enter the auction without clear understanding of the purpose. 3. You shouldn't be afraid of the foreign exchange market. Many beginners feel excessive fears concerning the uncertainty and risks which are present at Forex the market. To the one who will be able to overcome himself and to penetrate into all councils of traders, Forex gives really unlimited opportunities in respect of increase in the capital. 4. Responsibility for the made decisions. Successful traders never refuse a personal responsibility. It is possible to take any councils of skilled traders into account, but all responsibility for the carried-out transactions, regardless of their result, will lie only on you. 5. Don't allow greed to overcome you. When the auction begins to develop successfully, traders often forget about earlier goals, hoping for further successful continuation of the trade. However the market is very changeable and trends can quickly come to an end. As soon as the target price is reached, at once remove profit or you transfer the transaction to a bezubytok. 6. Influence of news on the auction. The increase in a trading volume caused by any loud event leads to the considerable movement of the prices. At this moment all councils of traders of Forex are directed to using in the party short-term and fast changes in the market. Unexperienced traders often seek for one trade operation in a day which promises them considerable profit. 7. Don't fall into illusions. If the open position loses, then don't remain in the market in hope that the tendency will be developed in the party, necessary for you. Close unprofitable transactions and urgently you leave the market. 8. Disconnect emotions. The reason of losses often consists in excessive emotionality and unwillingness to listen to councils. Forex demands a blackout of emotions when carrying out transactions. Steadily follow the put plan and don't forget to put "feet". 9. A trend - your friend. Trade in the direction of a trend - and your profit will grow. The last councils Forex trader before the beginning: 1. Hold your horses. The beginning dealers often open several auctions, and then notice that they isn't able to watch them. On Forex it is possible to get profit both at rise, and when falling an exchange rate. Successfully it is possible to earn only on one couple of currencies. Therefore concentrate at first on one currency pair, and master the others gradually. 2. You remember the stop order. The frequent reason of losses - wrong attract - management. For prevention of huge losses surely use
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